SOURCE Principles

sustainable products


The name of the only game is sustainable – for people and planet. A sustainable process involves whole ingredients and materials, no chemicals or synthetic additives, no chemical aids and no fillers that is wholly better for people, the air, water, soil and all living creatures on our planet. Waste is minimised, resources minimised and responsible handling employed to tread lightly on our environment. Made to last and to be reused, composted or recycled at end of use.

optimised products

Optimised design for use

We start with you in mind. Designs that both look and perform beautifully. We focus on quality ingredients and materials and respectful processes that create a product that’s tried, tested and built to last.

untested on animals

Untested on animals

Cruelty free. It’s pretty simple. In fact, for us, it goes without saying – but there are still a lot of products out there tested on and harmful to animals, making it necessary for us to clarify. Because we’re creating products for people – we’re our testers! We only use whole, natural ingredients, backed by generations of happy, healthy use. And, with our attention to detail in the manufacturing process, we ensure our activities have no impact to animals or people from discharge, waste or contamination of air, soil or water.

Responsible Relationships

Responsible Relationships 

We work and partner with people who make a difference. Small, family owned, Australian businesses that are committed to quality production and contribute to their local communities through employment and community involvement.

For products that are best sourced globally, like our GOTS certified organic and responsibly sourced cotton textiles, we establish transparent processes with fair trade partners. We’re focused on making sure everyone in the production process is supported, including their families, and the wider community where possible.

There is no slavery in our supply chains.



To complete the circle of influence, we support ordinary people doing extraordinary things to improve local and developing communities. Products and services that make a real impact in the lives of those that need it most. For us, it just makes sense.

The Water Project is an incredible organisation providing access to safe, running water for villages and communities in Africa. Their approach is wholistic. They train locals to install pipes and pumps and take responsibility for maintaining access to water going forward. They are providing life, hope, growth, development and the opportunity of education for our world’s impoverished. Every time you support Whollygrail, we’re all contributing to a healthier, safer, more balanced and fair world. Read more about the work of The Water Project here.

Environmentally Respectful

In everything we do, we look to maximise performance for you and minimise our impact on everything else. Ingredients, production, packaging and transportation, as well as post use is considered. We review any possible interaction the packaging will have on the product, transportation needs, practicality in use and post use to ensure it’s the most efficient and sustainable, as well as being fit for purpose.

Our SOURCE principles underpin everything we do and enable you to capture all the ethics and sustainability behind our products, at a glance. You can review the SOURCE principles of each product on its product page. Ready to play bigger? Shop here.

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