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Lotus Dental




Suite 103 Level 1, 40 Yeo Street, Neutral Bay NSW 2089


otus Dental is a modern and integrative dental practice in Neutral Bay on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. We offer a centre of excellence for dentistry, keeping the whole body in mind.

At Lotus Dental, we treat

  • diagnosis and treatment of TMJ
  • head and neck pain
  • snoring and sleep apnoea
  • cosmetic dentistry
  • functional orthodontics
  • working with children and anxious patients
  • safe amalgam replacement with biocompatible material and detoxification.

Our team of skilled professionals has a holistic approach, combined with the latest dental technologies to provide state-of–the art care with a strong focus on prevention, early detection and minimal intervention (treating small problems before they become major ones).

Most people don’t know that healthy teeth and gums, as well as the materials used in dental treatment, play a key role in overall health. A surprising number of chronic health issues arise as a result of common problems in the mouth.

As holistic and integrative dentists our treatments consider the effects on the whole body, not just the mouth and teeth, and our diagnostic approach considers how other health issues may be playing out in oral health. Because the mouth acts as a mirror to other, unseen parts of the body we often work with other allied health practitioners to achieve wider health benefits.

We use only bio-compatible materials and we take into account your wider needs as a unique individual – structural, biochemical and emotional – to create the right care plan for you.

Specialties or Treatments Offered
Children’s dentistry specialist, Orthodontis services, TMJ & Structural alignment, Help for anxious patients, Safe amalgam replacement, Cosmetic procedures as required

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