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Danielle Butler


Danielle Butler
Bach App Sci (Food & Nutrition), Cert. Health Coach


, Sydney NSW 2106


Diet and lifestyle are the foundation of our health. It can be tricky to navigate changes on your own, particularly if you have a family that need to fit in to the equation too!. How do you know what to avoid or manage, and if there are other aspects of your lifestyle that may be affecting the changes that you’re already making? Everyone’s needs are different but the principles are the same. The body is amazingly resilient and designed to heal, we just need to give it the supports it needs. Having someone to structure a plan that is easy to follow and fits into every day life is a godsend for people wanting to create real and lasting change for their health.

It’s just a pleasure to see the change in health, mindset and outlook when clients are on the road to recovery, and is very satisfying.

Ultimately, I look to empower you to read your body’s signs and make adjustments as you need to. Both ourselves and the world are dynamic; we’re constantly changing and adapting to the environment around us, so understanding your body better, and from a place of balance, helps to make keeping that equilibrium much easier.

Everyone is different, and some people like more support than others. We take the initial consult to understand the history, current symptoms and diagnoses, and lifestyle impacts, so we can plan a roadmap to move forward.


Specialties or Treatments Offered
I specialise in bespoke diet and lifestyle therapies for clients and their families, offered & supported in an achievable way. I'm committed to empowering people to take charge of their health, recovering from diagnoses like allergies, asthma, intolerances, CFS, auto immune related illness, autism spectrum disorders, and anxiety. I have a special interest in women's and children's health, and love to see people improve and regain their health and all the possibilities that come with it.

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