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Stainless Steel Reflect Drink Bottle

AUD $45.00

There are so many water bottles to choose from, but only a few offer the important qualities you need to keep a healthy environment.


made for you

This is the ultimate water bottle and can last a lifetime. It’s lightweight – not insulated for hot drinks, so is much lighter to carry.

It uses just three ingredients, stainless steel, harvested bamboo and silicone. It’s refreshingly simple. completely sustainable, responsibly manufactured and will last a lifetime with reasonable care. The 800ml or 27oz capacity is a significant hold, meaning it travels well throughout the day, for sports, leisure and home use.


better for you

It’s in the 3 ingredients. As a single pour stainless steel, there are no coatings required inside the bottle which typically use nasty chemicals. Buying once is much more sustainable – for you, and for all of us.

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