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Whollygrail Home Detox Hamper

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Start with the common sources of chemicals and synthetics.

Managing a chronic illness successfully means you need to be super aware of the sources of chemicals and synthetics in your environment. Top of this list are the products you use direct to skin and in cleaning surfaces of your home.

A Home Detox Package

is the perfect way to get started with a healthier home and lifestyle for your family. This haul of goodies is incredible value as a warm welcome for you to our community. All produced to our SOURCE principles.

Read on, or press play on the video link to hear more about what’s in the Hamper.

Included in the Home Detox Hamper:

Natural Deodorant Cream in a handy 100g tub.

Using all whole, natural ingredients, a gentle blend of essential oils and bentonite clay for added detoxification, this is the natural deodorant cream that actually works. Tested under the most extreme conditions of humidity and heat in Singapore, tropical northern Australia and across an Indian summer, it’s tried and tested with excellent results.

The Facial Cleansing system.

You’d be horrified at the ingredients in conventional and in many natural skin products. No need for concern here. This system is made with whole, natural ingredients. Cleansing and nourishing without any use of chemicals or synthetic ingredients. These products are ideally suited to all skin types because of how they’ve been formulated. Extensively tested with excellent results on adolescent, hormonal and problem skin, as well as normal, dry, oily and mature skin. For more information on the why’s and how’s, check out our article on the myths of commercial skin cleanser and the importance of cleansing naturally. The Whollygrail facial cleansing system includes;

Konjac Sponge.

A natural vegetable sponge. Hard when dry and very soft when wet. Gently rub over your face to dislodge any dirt and dead skin cells before rinsing your face with water in the shower or over the sink. Easily composted when you’re ready to replace.

Fuller’s Earth Face Wash.

(Facial Cleansing Paste). A generous 200g tub of concentrated goodness. Place a small amount of the paste on your fingers to gently rub over your face. You can add a small amount of water to dilute to a ‘wash’ for a lighter cleanse. Next, wet your konjac sponge and rub over your face to remove the cleanser, rinsing the sponge as you go. Squeeze any excess water out to allow an easy and quick dry.

We haven’t produced a ‘toner’ as they’re mostly water with either an alcohol or an acid and preservatives – doesn’t fit our ethos. We do recommend you ‘tone’ though. It brings your skin back to its natural and slightly acidic pH, following the detoxifying cleanser. Simply use 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water (keep the bottle and cup in the bathroom, at the sink for easy access), or you could also use the juice from a fresh lemon. Dab over your face – you’ll feel it spring back and tingle.

Organic Sweet Almond or Jojoba Oil 100mL.

A great staple for beauty and home. This is used as the perfect moisturiser for your skin. The fatty acid ratio is complimentary to your skin and easy to apply, which means a better moisturising result for your skin. Pop a small amount in your hand to gently place over your face and create a light seal over your freshly cleansed skin, sealing in the goodness and providing a barrier to the dirt, chemicals and toxins in our environment. Also well utilised in the bath or massage for an all over skin moisturiser. Safely used on all skin types, including our precious babies.

Greener Cleaner.

The awesome Greener Cleaner. The cleaning paste that’s relentless on soap scum and grease without any nasties. Gentle on surfaces, our bodies, and the environment. Outstanding in the kitchen and bathroom. A little goes a long way. Simply use a moistened cloth to add a small amount to the surface and rub gently to clean. Wipe off to remove any residue.

You’ll love how easy and effective it is. Your family and visitors will appreciate how safe it is.

Organic Calico shopping tote.

GOTS certified organic and ethically sourced, this tote is a sturdy gauge calico with a contemporary design to use for any and all occasions. Shopping, the markets, holidays, trips to the beach and park, and as a handy carry all for every day. This bag reduces chemical and water use in our environment, supporting equality and reducing waste.

Enjoy the move into a healthier, more nourishing and sustainable lifestyle with the Whollygrail Home Detox Package, so much better for you and your family, and for the environment.

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