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Whollygrail Greener Cleaner

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Finding cleaning products that are truly safe can be tricky. Many don’t have ingredients lists, which doesn’t help when you are creating a safe environment for your family, and others appear to be mainly water in liquid.


made for you

Our ingredient list is loud and proud. You could make it at home, if you wanted to.

Using key ingredients like bicarbonate of soda and Australian orange oil with pure coconut soap, Greener Cleaner uses the very best of Mother Nature to give a superior finish to all types of surfaces, such as glass, porcelain, and stainless steel.

As a paste, is specifically formulated to ensure a little goes a long way. The generous 250g tub is designed for maximum use and sustainability.


better for you

As a truly natural preparation without the colours and additives of commercial products, you may notice natural variation in colour from batch to batch as the seasons produce variation in the ingredients. The Greener Cleaner retains its superior performance regardless of the season. There’s confidence to know its safe for you and your family – no toxic fumes or residue. The performance of this product will make you glad you decided to clean!

easy to use

Place a small amount on a moistened cleaning cloth which can be gently applied to surfaces for superior grease and dirt cutting capability. Moist wipe with a clean cloth for a gleaming, streak free surface. Rinse or wipe off any excess residue on the bigger jobs.


better for the planet

Using Greener Cleaner with whole, sustainably sourced ingredients, a gentle process that respects the integrity of the product and recycled PET packaging means you’re creating a much healthier environment for your family and for the planet.

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1 review for Whollygrail Greener Cleaner

  1. The Whollygrail Team

    Gratefully received by Simone:

    “Whollygrail Greener Cleaner is awesome! It lifted ingrained stains from my stone benchtop with no harsh scratching. One thing I noticed was the gorgeous smell which is unusual for such a natural product….It’s now my ‘go to’ for cleaning products!”

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with our Greener Cleaner. We really appreciate it, and think you’re awesome too! While we haven’t had any issues with the product, we do recommend that you patch test a small area of surface you intend to clean, just to be safe. We’re loving the results we get with soap scum and grease in bathroom and kitchen areas, and stainless steel just gleams. 🙂

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