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Essential Oils Collection with Organic Sweet Almond Oil

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AUD $105.00

Our comprehensive collection of 5 essential oil blends, naturopath formulated to deliver enhanced benefits to mind, body and spirit. Outstanding value with our 100ml Organic Sweet Almond Oil. Now you can choose the blend that suits your changing moods and cover the family’s needs.

Giving you the opportunity to choose your preferred therapy simply by selecting the aroma that appeals to you in that moment, or the properties you are seeking in their use.

Includes Whollygrail’s Energy and Vitality Blend, Relax and Rejuvenate Blend, Clarity Blend, Detox Blend and Immunity Blend in concentrated 15mL bottles. Having the Organic Sweet Almond Oil gives you the flexibility to use the oils in any number of ways – massage or infused in a bath for more personal use; perhaps in an oil burner or aromatherapy unit for dispersion into the air, and as a spritzer for a more targeted approach to clothing, furniture, bedding, etc.

For a detailed description of the benefits of our essential oil blends, check out our Healing Matrix article.

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1 review for Essential Oils Collection with Organic Sweet Almond Oil

  1. Tela

    I love Clarity! It has such a fresh scent for Summer and I love putting a few drops in my diffuser

    • The Whollygrail Team

      We’re so pleased to hear you like our Clarity essential oil blend, thank you!

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