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Skin Food Essentials

AUD $58.00

Forget expensive serums and patented synthetics. Our skin needs nourishing and cleansing with whole, food grade ingredients. Nothing more, nothing less. Our SkinFood Range is designed for those of us who’d like to whip up their own products in the kitchen, but don’t have the time.

Our skin is our largest organ, absorbing everything that it is exposed to. Cleanse and nourish your skin with our Skin Food Essentials. Whole, food grade ingredients. Only what you need and nothing you don’t.

Our Fuller’s Earth Face Wash is a concentrated cleansing paste for your face. Formulated to detoxify from the elements, and gently replenish the skin, the paste can be used in concentrated form or mixed with a small amount of water to form a ‘wash’.

Use the Konjac Sponge dry to gently exfoliate dead skin cells before using the wash. Soak the sponge for a super soft feel that is ideal to remove the face wash from your skin.

Our Deodorant Cream is the natural deodorant with a difference. It works! With bentonite clay as a detoxifier, it’s effective and safe. A handy 75g tub is easy for travel and home.

Our coconut and olive oil soaps are cold process and hand cut, and have essential oils and clays. No nasties here. They smell divine, and leave your skin feeling clean and well hydrated. 100g is a generous bar for every day use.

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