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Qi Tea Organic and Fairtrade Tea

AUD $6.95


Qi Tea is certified organic and Fairtrade. – so you know that when you are drinking a cup of Qi Tea’s brew, that’s exactly what you’re getting. No nasties. Qi Tea sources their wild grown and organic certified tea from community in the Chinese mountainside. Processing of the tea occurs within two hours of picking the leaves, preventing oxidation.

The creamy yellow colour of the bags is because there’s no bleaching or chemical intervention, and the high level of plant fibre means that the bag can be heat sealed without any staples or glue. Occasionally, this means that with extra vigorous jiggling, the bags can open. We think it’s well worth the benefit of clean and chemical free bags without glue and staples, and warmly encourage gentle jiggling or taking a moment to inhale the aroma and allow the tea to steep naturally, for best results. Conveniently boxed in a pack of 25 bags.

The therapeutic benefits of a great quality, clean and honest tea are well documented from ancient times, and reaffirmed through modern research. Having identified the quality and attributes of tea, all that remains is to choose your flavour and aroma preference.

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