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Organic Jojoba Oil, 100mL

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Managing a chronic illness isn’t just managing the illness – it’s being ‘switched on’ to making choices that will help you feel better and focused on avoiding everything that might make you worse.

Whollygrail’s Organic Jojoba Oil is safe from chemicals, and is pure – it’s the oil, nothing else. It offers superior absorbency for our skin and a seal of protection from external elements in the air and water. Excellent to use as a moisturiser, and ideal for use as a carrier with our Healing Matrix Oils.

Organic Jojoba oil is ideal as a massage oil, on its own or with the essential oil blends or perhaps for an enhanced bath experience.

Better for you

Jojoba organic oil is complimentary to the fatty acid profile of your skin, so is easily absorbed rather than sitting on the surface. It’s a much better option for your skin and is safe from any nasty chemicals. This also means you’re helping to reduce the amount of chemicals used in our environment, helping your family and all families live safely in our world.

To read more about the benefits of essential oils and blends, check out our Healing Matrix article in the Whollygrail library.

your guarantee of quality and sustainability

With certified organic, there are no harsh chemicals used in producing the oil, and the process is gentle to retain the vital properties of the oil.

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