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Beeswax tealights in hand blown glass, Set of 3

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Looking for candles that are safe to burn, without the invisible toxins in your air at home?


made for you

Northern Light brings us these beautiful tea lights in German hand blown glass.

The bubbles that offer an incredible light effect. Enjoy the light bounce of beeswax candles in this beautiful glass bubble, knowing that you are supporting the health of your family, bees, and hence, everyone’s better health.

Replacement tea lights readily available so your glass bubble can be reused time and time again.


better for you

Beeswax candles provide a clean burn, oxygenating the atmosphere. It also means your contributing to reducing the toxic burden in the air we all breathe.

See our library articles for further information on how to make conscious choices that support the health of our bees and exactly how that will impact almost half of the world’s food production.

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