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Organic Beeswax Poet Candle

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The elegant Poet Candle presents beautifully and calls softly to be lit and enjoyed. The dimensions of the candle have been optimised to maximise burn time – a clean and oxygen creating burn that improves the atmosphere and is characteristic of beeswax candles.

Our friends at Northern Light present the very best of pristine Australian organic beeswax in this beautiful cylindrical candle with all cotton wick. Organic beeswax is a clean burning candle with exceptional light characteristics. By choosing organic beeswax candles, you’re saying yes to a quality experience free from toxicity in your home, as well as sending an important message to industry that we expect a clean environment for our bees that directly relates to a clean and chemical free environment for our food supply, ourselves and our planet.

To learn more about industry practices and what we can do to make a difference, check out the articles in our library.

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