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Organic baby onesie, long sleeve, with print

AUD $26.95


A gentle print in dove grey on white long sleeve onesie. Whollygrail’s signature self, community, planet philosophy translates beautifully in this baby wear print. GOTS certified* organic and fair trade cotton jersey for a beautifully soft and breathable cotton that says, we all deserve the best start in life.

Tread lightly and make your mark.

  • Our GOTS certified organic and fair trade cotton is a completely sustainable and respectful process. The cotton is grown with 70% less irrigated water than conventional cotton farming and without any chemicals, pesticides and is GMO free. This is continued throughout the process of manufacture – only using non azo dyes, and without any toxic chemicals, processing aids or sprays. Creating a much healthier environment for the farmers, the workers and for our families to be breathing at home, as well as lessening the load of chemicals being exposed to our waterways, air and soil. Every person involved in the process, from the farmers, the textile workers and production are all guaranteed above award wages, with full medical insurance for their families.  The environment creates the opportunity for these families to educate their children, offer healthy environments and appropriate care, as well as the potential to develop and diversify their careers. Beautiful quality clothing. Ethical. Sustainable. It just makes sense for all of us.

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