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Natural Dog Soap, pet shampoo bar, box of 10

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made for your dog, value for you

So many products out there – some don’t even have ingredient listings, so how could you know what’s in them and whether it’s safe? Here’s a concentrated washing soap using Australian olive oil, neem, tea tree and lavender. Antibacterial, flea resistant and moisturising for their coat. The zero waste way to clean your dog safely, without any nasties. They love the human touch from using a soap bar, it’s all part of the fun and connection with you. If you like using liquids but don’t like the nasties they have, or don’t want to buy water, simply break off a small piece and pop into a spray bottle with hot water to create suds before spraying on, it makes wash time so much fun and smells divine.


better for your dog, and for you.

Ever stopped to look at the ingredients in the shampoo you use on your dog? Or perhaps the packaging doesn’t reveal what’s in it. Whether you’re looking to maintain their good health, or you’re helping them manage skin conditions, allergies, or sensitivities, you need to feel confident in what they’re absorbing through their skin. Whole, safe and nourishing ingredients keep your dog’s coat clean without any of the nasty chemicals in commercial shampoos. That means it’s much better for you to use too. Safe ingredients for you and your dog, mean that its safe for the environment, and zero waste gets the big tick!


your guarantee of quality and sustainability

Whole ingredients. Locally sourced where possible. Cold process to retain all the goodness of the blend without damage from heat processing.



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