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Little Box of Bliss

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Life is crazy for most of us. So much is expected, and we expect so much from ourselves that sometimes, life can get a little out of balance. As a wholistic nutritionist, I talk to people about self care, balance and filling your cup, as well as all the basics. But knowing isn’t doing 🙂 and I know, I often rely on people close to me to remind me, or to have a reason to take much needed time out.

We’d like to help with that.

Are you in need of a reason to take time out to recharge? or perhaps there’s a special someone close to you that you know could really do with the opportunity to reset and balance themselves…
We’ve created Whollygrail Little Box of Bliss – a care package filled with Whollygrail’s chemical free, personal care and mind, body, spirit products that are the perfect opportunity to take time and recharge.

Included in the Little Box of Bliss…

Whollygrail Spa Paste, soft clay mask – Nourishing and deep cleansing, using bentonite clay as alkalising detoxifier.
200g of Magnesium Sulphate Bath crystals – dissolve in the bath to relax muscles and reduce stress
Whollygrail Hand and Foot Scrub – nourishes and cleanses hands and feet. Use as a post shower relax and reinvigorate for your feet to stimulate blood flow, smell good and feel great.
Whollygrail coconut and olive oil soaps 2 x 100g varieties.
Whollygrail Essential Oil Blends 2 x 15mL varieties. Great in the diffuser, spritzing around the home or office or a few drops in your bath.
Whollygrail towel, organic and fair trade – this soft towel is great to use with your Little Box of Bliss goodies, for use as a hand or exercise towel.

Check out our 6 Lifestyle Habits for Happy Hormones article for more on looking after yourself for better balance.

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