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Kitchen and Garden hand soap

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The opportunity to use this scrub will make you happy you got your hands dirty.

With a nourishing combination of coconut, GreenPalm and local olive oil, the Whollygrail Gardener’s Hand Scrub moisturises at the same time as using the exfoliating properties of local sand and pumice to lift ground in dirt from the skin.

The cleansing, healing and antibacterial properties of lavender, rosemary and peppermint essential oils remove the dirt and bacteria that you can’t see, for a product that is formulated to really deliver on form and function.

Work a small amount into your skin before rinsing. Keeping the unused portion free of dirt and debris by fastening lid when not in use will ensure product quality.

Yet another example of our creative community – we’ve had a number of people contact us to let us know they’ve enjoyed rubbing the paste into their feet after a nice shower. We tried it and it’s the bomb! The ingredients are both deodorising and nourishing at the same time. Give it a go and let us know!


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