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Kitchen and Garden hand soap

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Frustrated with smelly hands from the kitchen or laundry? Maybe it’s from your baby’s nappy change, or playing with your pets. We hear a lot from people with smelly feet issues too! There’s a few dedicated Scrub lovers who use theirs to exfoliate their legs before shaving as it removes dry skin and stimulates the pores ready for shaving to minimise ingrown hair. Ingenious!

Your health matters. The Kitchen and Garden Soap is a nourishing blend of oils and exfoliating pumice and is the healthy way to remove ground in dirt, odours and bacteria from your hands, your feet and well, any body part you feel needs it.

Leaves your skin feeling soft and supple, moisturised and lightly fragrant from the gentle essential oil blend.

The cleansing, healing and antibacterial properties of lavender, rosemary and peppermint essential oils remove the dirt and bacteria that you can’t see.

Work a small amount into your skin with water before rinsing. Keeping the unused portion free of dirt and debris by fastening lid when not in use will ensure product quality.

Sharing a tip from a fan who enjoyed rubbing the paste into their feet after a nice shower. We tried it and it’s the bomb! The ingredients are both deodorising and nourishing at the same time. Such a nice tingly feeling. Give it a go and let us know!

better for you

Reduce your chemical and synthetic exposure with well formulated products like our Kitchen and Garden Scrub. Made with whole ingredients that cleanse and nourish the skin without adding to the toxic burden on the body. If you suffer with chronic illness of any kind, reducing and removing any triggers is critical to improvement of your health. Healthier for you, your family and for the environment.

If you’re looking to provide a healthier environment to avoid chronic illness and for your family to thrive, cleaning and skin products need to be a major focus.


your guarantee of quality and sustainability

When you check out the ingredient list, you’ll see that all ingredients are whole and complete. No fractionated ingredients or products ‘derived from’ which typically means they are waste products from another process that has undergone heat, chemical or pressure extraction. You’ll see that we don’t skimp on the level of active ingredients, they’re concentrated products made specifically for you, without any of the nasties found in conventional products, and even in organic liquids.

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