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Whollygrail’s Healing Matrix – Detox

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Whollygrail’s Healing Matrix has been thoughtfully created to offer a natural and wholistic support to the minor imbalances we feel from time to time.

The Detox Matrix encourages a clear mind, is cleansing for our body and raises our spirit. We’ve included three different healing modalities, to ensure a remedy to suit everyone’s preference.

Our Detox Essential Oil Blend combines a synergistic combination of cleansing characteristics to encourage a better you. The benefits of Whollygrail’s Detox Essential Oil can be enjoyed diluted in our Organic Jojoba or Organic Sweet Almond Oil and used topically as a massage oil, dispersed into the air in an oil burner, or combined with floral waters as a spritzer for clothing and furniture.

The Purifying Bush Flower Essence is a homeopathic preparation to suit all who favour the simple and efficient method of placing drops under the tongue.

Qi Detox Tea is an organic and fairtrade tea designed for those who prefer to enjoy their remedy in their favourite mug or cup.

Select your preference or choose all three for a truly focused approach.

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