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Gift Box Selection hand crafted soap, Box of 5

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made for you and your family or a gift for a loved one

Commercial soaps can strip your skin of important natural oils, leaving you dry, itchy and smelling like a laundry, or an artificial lolly. Soaps should leave your skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and moisturised, with a gentle fragrance that’s safe.

Enjoy a selection of our divine cold processed and hand crafted soaps in petite bars. Including, pure coconut, litsea cubeba, lime & grapefruit, lavender and rose geranium, Australian orange and patchouli. Conveniently packaged in a box of 5, these mini soaps make a great gift or will keep the whole family happy with different fragrances, so you can all enjoy the variety.


better for you and your family

Sick of seeing soap that has one key nourishing ingredient amongst all the chemicals and fillers? Whether you’re dealing with chronic illness or you’re focused on creating a healthier environment for your family, you want the confidence of knowing the soaps you’re using on your skin are safe and nourishing without increasing the burden on your body. Coconut and olive oils, essentials oils and clays. Cold process retains the goodness of the ingredients without any heat or processing damage. That is it, and all that you need, nothing you don’t.

your guarantee of quality and sustainability

Pure coconut soap provides all the nourishment of the good fats in coconut oil for our most sensitive of souls. Gentle on the newest of skin and a great choice for those with multiple chemical sensitivities.

Our cold processed and hand crafted soaps are all made to an original recipe using the nourishing properties of complete good and healthy fats of coconut and olive oil. We then introduce key functional ingredients like earth clays to cleanse and detoxify, and a combination of essential oils for their therapeutic and aromatic benefits. The end result is great range of beautiful soaps that look and smell divine. Care your skin will love, feeding and nourishing your body.

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1 review for Gift Box Selection hand crafted soap, Box of 5

  1. Amanda

    If you’re ever stumped for a gift, this is the PERFECT little something! Not only do they smell amazing, but I love the fact they are pure coconut soap, which means it’s easy on the skin and can be used by anyone!

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