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Diatomaceous Earth, fine grade

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what is it?

Diatomaceous Earth is extracted from the earth. It’s naturally occurring fossilised remains of diatoms and is predominantly silica. Extracted, simply milled and sun dried. Its the go to for a myriad of household uses.


handy for the natural household
  • As a non toxic household pest control measure, the powder in dry form is unapologetic in stopping all sorts of creepy crawlies in their tracks.
  • As a deodoriser, it’s a chemical free alternative that’s effective in absorbing odours.
  • Diatomaceous earth helps to control parasites and bugs so is often used to protect pets by sprinkling a small amount on their food, or sprinkling on their coat and massaging in.
  • It is appreciated by plants as a soil quality booster, particularly in combination with natural soil conditioners and improvers like Ormus. The key with diatomaceous earth is to choose the non toxic, chemical free product (not the same as is used in pools).


more information

Diatomaceous earth is extracted from the earth and is the fossilised remains of microscopic diatoms that served as the main food source for many of our early aquatic organisms. It is predominantly silica in composition and has not been approved for human use as a food, although many swear by the benefits of taking small amounts. Whollygrail recommends all the suggested uses above, with the exception of ingesting personally – where we would encourage you to research the subject and consult your practitioner and trusted sources for recommendations.

Milled to less than 300 microns to result in a fine powder. Please note, no diatomaceous earth is soluble in water, so if you are mixing with water or liquid you will create a suspension that will settle reasonably quickly. Best to mix and use straight away.

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