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Organic Deodorant cream

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does it work?

You’re wanting to make the change to natural deodorant because you know just how toxic conventional sprays and roll ons are, but you’re nervous. They promise they’ll be good, what if they don’t deliver?

The only answer to that is, you need to try. Everyone is different, and with different environments and levels of toxins on board their body. Often it can help to change or swap brands regularly, particularly if your body is healing, or if you are managing a chronic illness.


made for you

A convenient 50g tub gives you plenty of deodorant while still being neat enough to keep in a travel bag. Scrape with a clean fingernail to release a small amount that can be then easily absorbed into your armpit with a couple of gentle rubs.

Well reviewed on our Store and social media pages. Personally tested through the height of an Indian summer, dewy Singapore and the tropics of Far North Queensland. Happy chappy here!


better for you

Whollygrail’s deodorant cream utilises a base of shea butter and bentonite clay, sodium bicarbonate, along with jojoba oil, rose hip oil and the clean and aromatic combination of patchouli, orange and lavender essential oils for a deodorant that is full of all the good stuff and has none of the nasties of conventional deodorants.


better for the planet

With sustainable ingredients and a recycled PET container, the deodorant cream looks after you and the planet.



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1 review for Organic Deodorant cream

  1. Lilli

    Ive always been hesitant with deodorant due to the chemicals but this has been a god-send!
    Stops the smell and has a beautiful fresh scent!

    • The Whollygrail Team

      Hi Lilli, thanks for getting in touch. We’re always really grateful for feedback on our products. The deodorant cream is particularly important in our range as there are so many toxic chemicals in sprays and in roll ons. There is no governmental regulation and we want people to know there is an alternative that does the job and is good for you!

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