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Coconut & Olive Soap, cold process, hand cut, 100g

AUD $5.95


Whollygrail soaps are full of all the nourishing goodness of clean, chemical free ingredients that feed your skin, and that’€™s it.

Pure coconut soap provides all the nourishment of the good fats in coconut oil for our most sensitive of souls. Gentle on the newest of skin and a great choice for those with multiple chemical sensitivities.

Our cold processed and hand cut soaps are all made to an original recipe using the nourishing properties of complete good fats like coconut, olive, jojoba and shea butter. We then introduce key functional ingredients like earth clays to cleanse and detoxify, and a combination of essential oils for their therapeutic and aromatic benefits. The end result is great range of beautiful soaps that look and smell divine. Care your skin will love, feeding and nourishing for your body.

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