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Bio 500, 5.25L Water Filter and Alkaliser, Black

AUD $737.00

Perfect for family use. With a 5L capacity and complete filtration and remineralisation this beauty has up to 2 years filtration included with purchase, offering outstanding value and unparalleled quality. Replacement filters are readily available.

The Waters Co Bio 500 is a contemporary looking water filter that ticks all the boxes. Takes ordinary tap water and filters fluoride, chlorine, parasites, bacteria, viruses and contaminants, before remineralising and ionising your water to ensure you have a great tasting water that is good for you – hydrating and free of toxins.

This is achieved by a 13 stage filtration process covering the macro filter, activated carbon filter, ion exchange resin, bio organic alkaline minerals and organic germanium, along with far infrared and magnetic exposure, to result in pure tasting, alkaline and energised water with a pH of 7.5 – 8.5. The 5.25L Bio 500 is a bench top unit and 5.25L is a great option for a small family. With a little more than 5 L capacity, the unit can be regularly filled to top up.

We love just how much thought has gone into the presentation of the product, with a step by step video supporting initial set up, loads of information regarding the filter specification, and replacement cartridges to ensure you have clean water for more than 48 months.

The outstanding point of difference with this range of filters is the 99.9% fluoride removal unparalleled by other filters, additional replacement filters to ensure 48 months of filtered water based on 8 litres of water a day, without wasting a single drop of water and, using a patented filter system guaranteeing superior water filtration.

It’s outstanding value and quality.

Please ensure you follow the guides for replacement of filters to ensure you continue to have the best quality water. The unit itself is made from BPA free plastic with a hand blown glass reservoir for the filtered water. This is the ultimate in water filtration as there is no wastage of water – a truly clean, healthful and sustainable approach.

Also available in white. Check out the white Bio 400 5.25L bench top unit as an alternative colour.

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