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Bio 1100, Commercial Water Filter and Alkaliser

AUD $935.00

made for you

This is a substantial unit suitable for small offices and stores.

This offers all the fine specific filtration of the smaller models in a huge 11L unit. Takes ordinary tap water and effectively filters chlorine, fluoride, parasites, bacteria, viruses and chemical contaminants, before remineralising and ionising to make sure you have great tasting water that is good for you – hydrating and free of toxic elements.  The 14 stage complete filtration and remineralisation system on this unit is good for 15,000 litres, or about 5 years use. With an 11 litre storage capacity, you’ll always have water on hand to use. Read on for all the specifics. We think this technology is awesome and happy to discuss your needs, send us a message or call with your questions.

better for you

A water filter is only as good as the quality of filtration. Read on to learn the 14 stages of filtration that guarantees better quality water for you.

This is achieved by a 14 stage filtration process including the macro filter, activated carbon filter, ion exchange resin, bio organic alkaline minerals and organic germanium along with far infra red and magnetic exposure to result in pure tasting, alkaline and energised water at a pH of 7.5-8.5. Much research and development has gone into the Waters Co. products, with clear step by step instructions for use, and extensive support information regarding its specifications and advice regarding recommended replacement of the filter – after 5 years.

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