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Bamboo Toothbrush, Adult

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MiEco toothbrushes make a whole lot of sense. Using Moso bamboo because it’s too woody for pandas to eat, MiEco have designed a toothbrush that is the preferred alternative to the toxin laden plastic toothbrushes that clutter supermarket shelves as well as our environment. Responsibly packaged in recyclable cardboard.

Toothbrushes can be easily overlooked for changeover… ideally you should be reaching for a new toothbrush every 6-8 weeks, when the old one can be repurposed for a new lease on life as a cleaning utensil in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry or even outside – ideal for those hard to reach places. When your toothbrush really has reached the end of it’s life, you just need to cut off the bristles and it can easily be composted at home, for a truly sustainable lifecycle.

The handle of the brush gives you the opportunity to personally identify the owner by mark, or by design.

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