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Bamboo pegs

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This is a great alternative to the plastic clothes peg. Using strong and sustainable bamboo is environmentally respectful and makes sense purely from a consumer perspective – as these are built to last. Using stainless steel fasteners so you have superior performance and longevity in use. Conveniently packaged in a recyclable pack containing 20 pegs.

Have you noticed how plastic pegs just don’t last the distance these days? They’re plastic – so we’re instantly not feeling it, but on top of that, the pegs are prone to breakage given the design and thin nature of the plastic. They’re not worth it – for the environment, and for your hip pocket!

Bamboo and stainless steel are made to be outdoors, and are a durable, smart choice for laundry, as well as coming in handy to hold and pin up all manner of things around the home and office. Just another way you can do better for yourself and the environment at the same time!


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