At Whollygrail, we work together with our customers and their families to make the biggest impact we can through conscious lifestyle choices. Our focus is to provide easy solutions for households to create healthier environments for their families to thrive. It’s our commitment that Whollygrail choices are better for your family, are better for all of us and for our planet. 

We’re a small and committed team with a shared vision of tackling the big issues such as; climate change, poverty, modern slavery, environmental pollution through waste and contamination, lifestyle related illness and disease. We know that real change comes from making daily choices that support solutions to these issues and being active in holding big business and governments accountable for their action, or inaction. 

We’re working towards a better world for everyone! We’re the same people who are excited to fill your orders, appreciating your support in our mission. We respond to your queries, we’re the faces you’ll meet at an event and the same ones who love to have a chat on the phone!

With a conscious mindset and a clear focus on people and planet, we use our SOURCE principles to both design and curate the most ethical and sustainable products possible, that promote better health, support local and developing communities and minimise our impact on the environment.

We share practical information and tips to create healthier environments and live consciously in today’s world, exposing the commercial marketing myths that can be misleading and support both local and developing communities.