Natural First Aid Essentials: superior wound healing

As a Mum focused on natural methods of healing – I’d want to know what options we had for healing wounds naturally. Alginate dressings are something we’ve used successfully, and a must to have in your natural first aid toolbox.


I’m compelled to write about this as I’ve seen a few children lately who have been trying to heal wounds and severe burns with antiseptic creams and antibiotics. This has resulted in an extended time to heal, and the skin struggling to cover over.


When to use?

Alginate dressings can be a suitable and quality dressing to improve recovery and healing time, in some situations. Wounds that generate a lot of moisture can be ideal for an alginate dressing. Dry wounds are not suited to alginate dressings as the alginate dressings draw moisture out of the wound. The best way to assess is to ask your doctor or nurse whether this type of dressing is suitable and why.


How do they work?

Alginate dressings are made with calcium and sodium from seaweed. They’re dry, and typically in a roll so they can be easily cut to size. They work by drawing out moisture, becoming gel like, cleaning out the wound, preventing it from becoming dry and protecting it from harmful bacteria – reducing the risk of infection. Importantly, the dressings significantly improve conditions for new skin growth by keeping the area moist, shortening healing time, and giving the body a chance for quality skin growth.


So next time you have a tricky wound to deal with, ask your doctor or nurse whether an alginate dressing might be suitable – it might just be!

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Did you find our article useful? Have you had experience with using alginate dressings? or perhaps you have some other natural remedies you can share with us. We’d love to share your comments and suggestions to our community. Comment below.


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