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Whollygrail is a welcoming and passionate community of people committed to helping you live better, feel better and buy better.

We live in an age where all the information we’ll ever need can be accessed with the touch of a button. Everywhere we turn, there’s someone telling us what to eat, what to buy and how to live. How can we find the information we need without being overwhelmed? How do we know who to trust?

Whollygrail was created with a vision of empowering people with knowledge. We believe that providing you with reliable, evidence-based information can help you make conscious decisions for you and your family, while giving you the opportunity to make a positive impact on communities and the planet.

We provide you with all the information you’ll need through our library, directory, community workshops and events, as well as the 8 Week Healthyself Reset program. Our Whollygrail store also demonstrates our commitment to transparency, by letting you know how each product upholds our SOURCE principles. When you’re empowered to take charge of your health, your lifestyle and your family, you send a clear message to industry that you expect clean, fair and sustainable products and services at an affordable price.

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We’re proud to bring together health professionals and industry experts who share their knowledge for the benefit of the Whollygrail community, from the articles in our library and the services in our health directory, to our 8 Week Healthyself Reset program. The Whollygrail store reflects our commitment to SOURCE principles and supports the integrity of everything we do. If you’re a passionate and committed health professional and would like to become part of our community by submitting an article for our library, listing a service in our directory or delivering the 8 Week Healthyself Reset program, we’d love to hear from you.

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