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community workshops that inspire you to live better

There’s nothing like enjoying a fun, hands-on workshop with friends, where you can relax and learn something new.

We’ve partnered with accredited health professionals and industry experts to run workshops and events in communities near and far. They’re passionate about sharing knowledge in a way that’s fun, practical and tailored to your needs. You can search our calendar to find upcoming workshops in your community, or get in touch to find out how we can create an event just for you.

If you’re an integrative health professional or holistic health provider, our calendar of workshops and events is a great opportunity to promote your event to the Whollygrail community. Your listing will provide information on the workshop or event, with your contact details and a link to your registration page. It’s just another way we’re connecting communities and inspiring everyone to live better.

Upcoming Events

cool, calm & collected day retreat

1st of March 2018 – Gordon Library, Sydney

We’re planning a beautiful day. You’ll listen to the science behind the strategies, and then put it into practice; because the best way to learn is by doing!

We’ll have a delicious array of foods using organic, local and in season produce for you to enjoy. The menu will align with our Day Retreat theme, Good Mood Foods. We’ll also have a beautiful gift bag of organic products to complete your experience. Sound good?

Here are a few of our most popular workshops:

fermenting foods for feel-good health
clean and fair soap making 101
raw and real, foods to heal
compost happens: vibrant soil and home-grown health
healthy snacks solved
skinfood: healing from the outside in and the inside out
a beginners guide to the power of essentials oils
being mindful of a mind, full
healthy homes and happy families.

Make your workshop special by adding one or more of our optional extras:

a Whollygrail gift bag of goodness for all participants
refreshments and catering
lucky door prizes.


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