Pure Pamper Bundle

$145 $170

The ultimate pack for natural at home pampering!

The pure ingredients in these products compliment each other to nourish all skin types without the need for fillers and chemicals.

This bundle includes:
3 x Whollygrail Essential Oils
Natural Face Wash Concentrate
Natural Soft Clay Face Mask
Organic Cotton Face Towel
Rosewater Hydrating Toner

You can relax knowing that Whollygrail products are made from pure, skin-nourishing ingredients. Feel great in your natural skin!

Bentonite clay, Water, Coconut soap, Australian olive oil, Pumice, Lavender essential oil.
Pure Rose water from Damask Roses.
Fuller's Earth, bentonite clay, water, honey , Australian olive oil, Peru Balsam, lavender, lime and lemon essential oils.

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