Bathroom Towel Set - 7 Piece Organic Cotton, Stone

$144 $180

Drying off has never felt so good!

Our luxurious 700gsm towels are super soft organic towels, meaning no more nasty chemicals against your skin. They are the final result of a respectful process that ensures healthier conditions for farmers and textile workers while reducing the load on our environment.


The 7 piece set consists of two bath towels, two oversized hand towels and two washcloths, with a beautifully soft 900gsm foot towel to complete the bathroom upgrade experience.


Our GOTS certified organic cotton is the gold standard in sustainable production. The cotton is grown in Southern India with 70% less irrigated water than conventional cotton farming, without any chemicals, pesticides and is GMO-free. The manufacturing process takes place in Kolkata and only uses non-azo dyes without any toxic chemicals, processing aids or sprays. 

Our supply chain minimises impact through efficient energy and water use, as well as not contributing to the chemical load in our air and water supplies, or the soil table like conventional production methods.

When you decide the end of it's life cycle has come; after reusing and reusing and repurposing, you can complete the life cycle by composting. 

Respecting people and planet throughout the entire life cycle are key pillars of our SOURCE philosophy.

We have established our supply chain in India through personal inspection, to give us complete confidence in the process and procedures of GOTS certification, and a consistent chain of fair trade from the Chetna Farmer's Cooperative, all the way through processing and production.

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