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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already explored our site at length and resonate with the message Whollygrail is committed to delivering. We welcome original submissions from health professionals and industry experts aligned with our principles. Whollygrail subscribers appreciate that our content is exclusively for their consumption and is thoroughly researched, with appropriate references to support the information in the article.

Our articles are free of advertising and for informative purposes only. As well as the considerable exposure to our subscribers, we offer a byline for authors, with an email, website link or other contact reference. Submissions to Whollygrail are received by our editors and reviewed for inclusion in our library. Articles that align with the criteria outlined above can be accepted more readily. If considerable editing is required, or the article doesn’t include appropriate references, the process can take longer.

Most submissions are accepted within 10 working days, if minimal review is required. If your article is approved for publication in our library or prominently in our newsletter, we’ll let you know (usually within 2-3 weeks).

Do you have a missive that aligns with our principles? Send it through to and we’ll look after it for you.




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