Are you contributing to our changing landscape?

It’s incredibly empowering when you realise, we’re the solution.

Every day, run of the mill, salt of the earth people. People who make up our families, who create and nurture our communities and who live and breathe in our world. It’s not governments, or multinational businesses. These entities have prospered because we’ve trusted them, placed our faith in their advice, products, services, projects and decisions.

But what happens when we take our power back?

What happens, when people realise they have the right and the responsibility to act, to do and to choose?

We’re already seeing this shift globally, and it’s being echoed across our big brown land. Petitions, campaigns, motivated and focused social and environmentally based groups forming to peacefully protest against all matters that affect our people and our planet. The pressure every day shoppers brought to bear on Australian supermarkets to have plastic bags banned. These supermarkets, a strong duopoly, stubbornly refused to act, as did the government. It was consistent customer pressure that ignited change.

Our small, family owned rural farming businesses are some of the most beautiful, humble and resilient people we have in Australia. They’ve been devastated by drought and large, corporate businesses driving down prices; stripping vital resources like available water. The government previously refused aid to these Australians, who also happen to be responsible for our primary food production. It was grass roots public pressure garnered following personal videos posted on social media that ignited a movement to support our farmers through vital donations of food, water and feed for livestock.

The recent Climate Change event held in multiple locations across Australia had an expansive and committed feel. People came in numbers, with no obvious demographic. They were young, they were old. There were babies being worn by their business suited parents, toddlers being pushed in prams and school aged children in groups together, some with supporting parents. There was plenty of grey hair, and fortunately there was inclusive access for those using mobility support. The one thing common to all was the occasion, the need to act and, the commitment.

With necessity comes innovation. Every day we’re seeing mind blowing solutions being created to address our social and environmental challenges. Outstanding ideas that are put into practice, like the wild growing, wheat grass being turned into straws by rural Vietnamese as a great alternative to plastic straws and a viable source of income for their families; the Mexican business who are turning avocado stones into compostable cutlery, and closer to home, the father and son duo Peter and Stuart, farmers who have developed a system called Natural Sequence farming, to use natural methods that improve farming outcomes, and now share their knowledge with other farmers.

All regular people,



changing things.

But, while we celebrate these steps forward, we need to be vigilant and keep focused. We need to hold businesses and governments to account. Let’s face it, they exist because of us, and should exist for us.

With such positive change on the horizon, we need to expect more and better from our businesses. No longer is it enough to make something that fills a need or inspires a want, and no longer is it enough for a company to say, ‘we donate to XYZ charity’, or we’re ‘eco friendly’ or even ‘vegan’. It’s not an excuse for practices and systems that damage our health, that marginalise people or pollute the environment. A company that sees sustainability and ethics as KPI’s is not serious about their viability long term. For progressive organisations to continue in our current climate, sustainability and ethics are pillars of business; necessary foundations to work with people, in harmony with our environment.

Whollygrail’s SOURCE principles are designed to address sustainable and ethical design for our home and lifestyle. It requires a different business mindset, and one that we are proudly defined by.

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