5 ways to protect your family from cancer causing glyphosate

The recent court ruling in California against Monsanto’s Roundup is news to not many. However, it now opens up the issue of responsibility and accountability, which will, no doubt give way for positive change in this area. Glyphosate is one of many chemicals that is harmful to health. By being aware, you can reduce your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals like glyphosate, improve their health and the environment at the same time.

Here’s 5 ways to protect your family from cancer causing glyphosate:


Don’t use pesticide sprays at home.

They are persistent, and get into the air, groundwater and soil, as well as being accessible to skin on surfaces.


Ask your local community organisations and Council about sprays used in public areas.

Places you and your family frequent are potential sources of exposure. Schools, parks, sporting fields. Ask what has been sprayed, when and where so you can avoid danger areas, and send a clear message to organisers of sprays that this is a concern.


Ask about spray free produce.

Choose spray free produce for you and your family. This is often more successful going direct to the farmer who can speak authoritatively about his crops. You want organic or better than organic – which doesn’t necessarily mean certified. Check out the EWG’s dirty dozen and avoid any conventional produce from this list. If you’re unwell, make it a big no.


Become a label reader.

Fresh food is always best, but if you are looking at processed foods, less is best. Choose products with only a few ingredients, whole ingredients, not fractionated, and non GMO, as well as spray free. Glyphosate is injected into seeds, as well as routinely sprayed at various times during the growth phase, and shockingly, at harvest, to speed up the process. Make sure your foods don’t contain this chemical, to be as vigilant as you can at reducing your chemical load, and risk of life threatening illness.


Buy products that have not been grown with pesticides.

From clothing, bedding, baby wear, kitchen and towelling, the ways glyphosate can seep into our home and life is overwhelming. By choosing organic natural fibres, you are reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals, and supporting sustainable practices that are better for you, for farmers and for the environment. Our Store is full of great options – it’s exactly why we started Whollygrail.


There are many chemicals and known toxins used in every day products. From cosmetics, sunscreens, cleaning products, household and lifestyle products and some packaging. Being aware gives you the best chance of making the right choices for you and your family. Check out our related articles in the Whollygrail library, and browse the Whollygrail Store for our range of every day choices that are nourishing, safe, and effective. It’s what we’re all about:

Look Good

Feel Good

Do Good


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