Own Your Impact

With a conscious mindset and a clear focus on people and the planet, we curate the most ethical and sustainable products possible, so you can take control of your impact.  

Promoting better health, supporting local and developing communities and minimising our impact on the environment is our mission!  


Certified organic cotton

Our GOTS certified organic cotton is completely sustainable. The cotton is grown by a collective of farmers in Southern India with 70% less irrigated water than conventional cotton farming, without any chemicals, pesticides and GMO’s.

We know our workers

Supply Chain

We have established our supply chain in India, met the workers and inspected the process to ensure it is transparent and respectful. The impact of their production is taken into account from the planting of cotton seeds to the delivery to your doorstep ensuring the employees that craft our pieces have safe working conditions and are paid a living wage.

taking responsibility

Our packaging choices

We put a lot of thought into finding the best packaging for our products, for you and for the environment. After thorough research, we decided the best material to hold our natural products was recyclable PET plastic. This packaging is BPA free and provides a barrier between the jar and the goodness inside. When empty these jars can be utilised in many ways or simply recycled to live another life in a different form.

A Little bit goes a long way

Long Lasting

We formulate our products as concentrates, using whole, natural ingredients to eliminate the need for any synthetic preservatives and to give you a product that lasts. A little bit goes a long way! Our generous containers will last you 6-12 months! This means you’ll need to purchase less frequently and use less packaging.